Lancelot Technology offers end-to-end temporary / flexible staffing solutions that helps clients mitigate costs, enhance productivity, and manage workforce, in a more effective and efficient manner. With a strong presence in India as well as an extensive experience background in this field, we ensure that you reap maximum benefits. We provide smart, innovative HR Solutions in all our branches all around the country: whether that is in Bangalore, Mysore, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata or Hyderabad.

Acquiring temporary staff significantly reduces resource allocation costs, and offers you the flexibility to deploy Human Resources for a limited or a fixed period when required. One of the key benefits of allocating temporary resources is that it leaves ample space for assessment of the employee, before recruiting him/her permanently.

At Lancelot Technology, we provide all-round temporary staffing solutions and services such as:

Professional Staffing

We provide highly skilled and proficient workforce like engineers and technicians in manufacturing units, software engineers in IT industry, MBA’s and professional degree holders in other sectors. We cater to all major sectors and provide professional workforce covering all functions.

Managed Services

We provide apt managed services, which comprise of sourcing temporary workforce for and management of an assigned task. We handle the supervision and control and assume responsibility of the end-result. We also provide companies with complete Payroll services. Allow us to be the ones processing tedious aspects of your work while you focus on strategy, raising profitability and further developing your company.