Workplace communication has evolved into a new form today and it is one of the most sought after qualities by modern day recruiters. Organizations that visit colleges for placements opt for students who are able to use their words well and communicate better.

If students have had little exposure to English as a medium of communication, it would affect their entry into an organization and their subsequent success in it. This is the reason why English language enhancement training or a Linguistic Intelligence program is important for students’ entry and career in the corporate world.

We at Lancelot have developed the Linguistic Intelligence program to enhance the communication skills of students. This training programme helps students communicate their technical and general knowledge in a better way. It can also help them improve their academic results thereby improving their chances of getting placed.

Features of the Linguistic Intelligence Program

The training programme involves highly interactive sessions and mind-stimulating activities. The interactive sessions cover various aspects of the English language as listed below.

Building Blocks

Setting goals not only give the student a sense of direction in life but also play great role in increasing one’s self confidence and motivation. A student’s goals can vary greatly, ranging from personal milestones to academic performances and even professional achievements.

Application Mechanics

This step establishes a firm foundation in the basics of the language and it enables students to convey information clearly in an acceptable form.

Reading Skills

This session gives adequate exposure to various techniques that help students pin down the exact thoughts expressed in the given passages.

Speaking Skills (Part I)

This session helps students improve their speaking skills by overcoming fear through various activities.

Speaking Skills (Part II)

This session focuses on presentation and it helps students present their views formally through various activities.

Writing Skills

This session provides opportunities to challenge students in various written representations of the language.